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(Feature Film 2023)


... An Unpredictable History Mystery and Action Thriller English Feature Film “The Lost Ship”. The story begins in black and white in 1945

1942 - A German Cargo Ship Captain Joseph Jackson (Tony Ferro) . A Common Friend of Adolf Hitler (Angelo Borer) And Subhash Chandra Bose..... after 80 years.

2022 - His Grand Daughters Sonica Jackson (Jane Chua) and Monica Jackson (Anthea Murfet) meet to Ukrainian Cargo Ship Captain (John Fiore) and Radio Officer (Paul Borghese) during Ukraine and Russia War regarding in Search of "THE LOST SHIP"


Angelo Borer | Anthony Ferro | John Fiore | Laura Fay Lewis | Paul Borghese | Dan Gregory | Jane Chua | Anthea Murfet | Tammie Smith | Lee Arenberg | | Henry Buchmann | Blanca Samperio | Valerie Osk Elenudottir | Nick Sarando | Bruce Soscia | Einar Haraldsson | Christopher J Smith | Prashant Nair | Urusha Pandey | Maikol VJ | Deborah Perkins | Andrea Benitez | Frank Merlino | Daas Ranjitt | Safoorah Usmani | Fleet Easton

Written & Directed by: Akksar Allahabadi & Akhil Gaurav Singh.

Executive Producers: Tammie Smith & Samantha Goldberg.

Produced by: Akhil Gaurav Singh and Sana Mashook.

Cinematography by: Kunal Khatoi.

Composition by: Mariano Saulino.

Associate Producer : Rishi Kumar

Production Designer: Sukracharyya Ghosh

Editor : K. Palanivel

Filming in: Los Angeles, Berlin, Moscow, Kolkata, Pondichery, Rameshvaram, Chennai and Hyderabad from November 2022 through February 2023. No Remake, No Adaptation, No Copy… it’s Brand New, Original and you’re going to LOVE IT! “The Lost Ship” (3D) Feature Film coming in 2023! ❤️🎥🎬

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with association of Usmania Pictures (India)

August 21,2022

Sunday, 5:06Pm

Washington-DC, USA

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