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The Natural sweet rhythms of the "COVER GIRLS DUO" can flow like honey as you sway to the mesmerizing charms of their stunning front line singers.  While the sounds will capture your imagination their movement will grab your attention.

COVER GIRLS” never fails to capture first their  audience’s attention then their hearts. Their 
repertoire offers a variety of songs destined to make  one ride a rollercoaster of emotions from the  exhilaration of loving to the melancholy of heartbreak,  from the delight of a summer day to the misery of a  dark gloomy night.


It is not everyday that you get to see local talents  who's got tight musicality as a group and with great  looks and personality to match. being young and tastefully appealing performers this group is also multi-tasking in terms of varied repertoire from 60's to the Current Hits from US and UK, A very unique vocal renditions and coordinated movements. Indeed, members of this highly charged versatile duo are certified total performers and

been travelled all over Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, Indonisia,  Myanmar, Thailand, UAE and  Singapore.

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